Reflection on Luxury

Last week we were participating in the Luxury Made event in london. I had always understood "luxury" to describe wealth and splendour. The word, luxury, is rather exploited in this moment in time and the event organisers and the event certainly demonstrated a very broad interpretation of my understanding of the word " Luxury ". My curiosity piqued I looked up the latin roots. Rather horrified but at the same time rather consoled I discovered the emphasis on the Roman word " luxuria" to mean extravagance, excess, riotous living and sinful waste!! The Romans did however also use " luxus " to describe wealth and splendour. This broad interpretation of our modern day " luxury products " has left me with no doubt in my mind that actually what Sebastian Blakeley Designs is about is " exclusivity ". Luxury and luxury event organisers are probably well worth avoiding. Fortunately for us there were a few discerning guests who risked their lives amongst the sinful waste of imitation wealth and splendour to look for the real, beautifully crafted heirlooms of tomorrow. I sincerely believe I have found our way forward. We have had to use the " luxury " market place to launch our work. However I have no doubt in my mind that the nurtured quality, the underlying responsibility to longevity, the design concepts, our experience and the absolute honesty of our hand crafted materials is altogether something completely different. As of yet I can only find the word "exclusive" and  the term " limited edition" to describe our ethos. We will continue to search for the understanding of existence and will keep you all posted. Sebastian B.